Daily Divots is owned and operated by Pacific Golf Group (PGG).  PGG is a golf marketing and investment company that owns and operates many popular and well established golf ecommerce websites since 1992.  We partner with other businesses to get their products in front of over 1 million golfers in our database.  PGG is known for investing in golf legacy businesses with updated technology, social media platforms, and management personnel to continue its leadership role in the golf industry. 


Based in Poway, CA, PGG operates the following websites:


Daily Divots: www.DailyDivots.com

ClickitGolf: www.ClickitGolf.com

More Golf Today: www.MoreGolfToday.com

Torrey Pines.com: www.TorreyPines.com

San Diego Golf Reservations: www.SanDiegoGolfReservations.com

Showtime Golf: www.ShowtimeGolf.com

San Diego Golf: www.SanDiegoGolf.com

San Diego Golf Trail: www.SanDiegoGolfTrail.com

Gorilla Golf Marketing: www.GorillaGolfMarketing.com