10 Reasons it Sucks to be Addicted to Golf

10 Reasons it Sucks to be Addicted to Golf
10 Reasons it Sucks to be Addicted to Golf

There are so many things to love about golf. Not only does it count as exercise, but you get to take in some fresh air out there. It is a naturally social distanced activity. Plus, nothing beats hanging out for a day of drinking and laughing my ass off with friends. But golf does have it’s downsides. Here’s our list of why it sucks to be addicted to golf.

10) The price of golf balls

ProV1’s cost about $60/dozen or $5/ball. When you are terrible at golf, but want to pretend that you are good and that the type of golf ball you play matters, then it gets really expensive. I usually switch out my pearls for Top Flites on water holes. What about you?

9) Golf on TV is boring

Wait a second, I know Phil winning the PGA was awesome and exciting, but you cannot tell me you do not fall asleep on the couch most Sunday afternoons watching golf. Thank god for being able to rewind and figure out what you missed.

8) Beer is expensive at the golf course

I know it is not NFL beer prices, but it is still way too much. Of course, I have never hid a 12 pack in my bag. 😊 The problem it is hard to keep 12 beers cold on a summer day.

7) Pace of play

The problem with pace of play is that the timer starts when you leave your house not when you tee off. Don’t ever tell your wife it will only take 4.5 hours to play. When you leave at 8 am for a 10 am tee time, finish 18 holes at 2:30 pm, have a few beers afterwards, and then get home at 4 pm – that is an 8 hour round of golf to your wife.

6) The 18 hole

I am not sure why, but I always seem to fix my slice on the 18th hole. I don’t ever remember getting a bogey. How many times have you said, “I shot 99 today, but birdied the last hole!” It is just the golf god’s way of keeping you coming back.

5) Your tan

I think most people call it a “farmer’s tan”, but us golfers take it to a next level. Farmers do not get the awesome low sock tan or the Oakley sunglass lines on the side of your head. Or how about a tan right hand and a white left hand from wearing a glove? If you are driving the golf cart then you only sunburn your left arm.

4) Sweat marks on your hat

I love my golf hats. I probably have over 100. 99 of them have a sweat ring around the front. The only one that does not I bought yesterday. Travis Mathew needs to figure that shit out.

3) The price of golf on vacation

How come I can play my local muni for $45 with cart, but I go to Phoenix, Hilton Head, or Vegas and it costs me $200+? I know it does not cost that much more to maintain. Of course, I never have a problem paying a few hundred dollars for a golf course I have never played. I have to get a stupid logo golf ball to put on my wall so I can tell everyone I played there.

2) Tiger Woods

I have a love/hate relationship with him. I loved him when he was young. Hated him when he won all the time. Loved him when he beat Rocco at Torrey Pines. Hated him when he cheated on his wife. Loved him when he came back and won the Masters. Hate him for wrecking his car. At this point, Tiger and I are in a bad marriage.

1) Cart girls

They are beautiful and extremely friendly. They make you buy over priced beer. You only see them twice a round and you have ZERO chance with them.

What are your reasons it sucks to be addicted to golf?

– Bogey Jones