10 Things About Golf That Make Absolutely No Sense

Make no sense
Make no sense

The great comedian Robin Williams summed up golf perfectly in his HBO special. He said, “Golf is like this, I knock a ball in a gopher hole.”
In reality, the entire premise of golf is absurd yet we absolutely love the sport. But I think we can agree these 10 things in golf make no sense.

10. All the Rules

Reading the entire rules book would be about as much fun as reading a dictionary. I hate how many rules there are because it’s a huge reason that people don’t get into this awesome game.

9. Golf Never Gets Easier

No matter how good you get, it’s never an easy sport. Tiger Woods made it look easy in 2000 but not even two decades later he had the chipping yips like a 30 handicap.
Or, Ian Poulter shanking irons on the PGA Tour on a semi-regular basis. No matter how good you get, this sport will humble the best of us.


8. Late Tee Off in Majors

Is there a need to tee off at 3pm at Augusta or any other major? No!
Start the coverage earlier, I promise we’ll still be in front of the TV with a 6-pack ready to go.

7. Iron Covers

Iron covers couldn’t make less sense. They’re ugly, slow down the pace of play, and instantly alert everyone else think that you suck at golf.
My clubs have been to hell and back and they still work great. A few scuffs won’t make you a bad golfer, but iron covers will.

6. One Ball Rule

If you don’t know, the one ball rule means you can only play one type of ball in tournaments. For example, you can’t switch from a normal Titleist Pro V1 to a Pro V1X mid round.
But let me ask, who cares?
At the end of the day, you just have to get the ball in the gopher hole, regardless of the brand and style. I don’t see how switching balls is an advantage at all.

5. Ball Retrievers

What golfer was so cheap that he first designed a ball retriever? Was he so tired of losing balls but didn’t want to give up the sport that he designed a golf fishing rod instead?

These devices make no sense and make you stick out like a set or iron covers. If I ever see someone with both, I would legitimately make the starter find me a new group.

4. 2 Sided Chippers

Just why?
Is golf so easy right-handed that you want to switch hands? Or, do you have so many shots where you need a left-handed club around the green?

3. Gimmicky Training Aids

Turn on the Golf Channel for five minutes and I’m sure you will see plenty of cringe worthy training aids. All claiming to straighten out your slice, hit better bunker shots, and add 20+ yards to your drive.
They’re about as effective as weight loss pills when you refuse to diet and workout. Remember, fundamentals are the key to making changes in any part of life, not some $97 gadget that cost $4 to manufacture.

2. Yelling Fore

What the hell does “fore” mean? Why don’t we say “Duck”, “Get out of the way” or “Sorry” really loud instead?

1. Not Trusting Your Buddies Distance

How many times has one of your buddies said, “Hey man, what’s the distance?” You give them the number, then they walk back to the cart, pull out the rangefinder and shoot the distance for themselves.
Don’t be that guy.

Which of these make the least amount of sense to you?
Written by Michael Leonard