10 Ways to Have More Fun on the Golf Course

10 Ways to Have More Fun on the Golf Course
10 Ways to Have More Fun on the Golf Course

Golf is supposed to be fun… right?
Funny because I don’t remember calling it “fun” when I punched the cart steering wheel and snapped my $200 driver shaft last week.
That’s golf though… it brings out the “best” in us. But if you’re ready to have more in this crazy dumb sport, here are top 10 tips.

10. Play Different Tee Boxes

Playing the same boxes is extremely repetitive and doesn’t challenge your game. Mix it up by playing a combo set sometimes to hit different shots to keep it interesting.

9. Try Out Different Formats

Stroke play is boring… the Olympics were proof of that.

Mix it up with match play, scramble, shamble, or better yet… stableford! The game stays the same, but your mind will be 100X more engaged and likely won’t space out mid round.

8. Play With Different Groups

Besides mixing up formats and tees, mix up your playing partners too!
Otherwise, you get to hear the same five stories over and over again. Playing with new golfers also helps you focus and might even make you better, too (assuming your new guys are actually good).


7. Have Some Swing Juice

The key word being “some” here. I’ve found drinking and golf is like a bell curve… the beginning and middle is good. But eventually you fall down the curve and your game goes to hell.
A little bit of birdie juice is good, but too many drinks turns into your wife being mad and your game being horrible.

6. Don’t React to Any Shot

This is nearly impossible to do, but a fun challenge with your buddies. For a few holes, try to not react (good or bad) to any shot on the course and see how you feel. Hint: I bet you’ll get less mad and have more fun.

5. Only Play With Half Your Clubs

14 clubs is too easy sometimes, right? Not quite, but to have some fun, only play with odd or even clubs only.
Doing so, you will stay mentally engaged and challenge your shot making abilities.


4. Play Different Courses

Playing the same course every time you put the peg in the ground is like being married – you only have one! Need I say more?
Mix up your golf courses!

3. Bet More Often

This might actually make you more mad, but it can also make golfing more fun. Personally, when I have money on the line, I stay more focused and don’t mindlessly scroll my phone during the round.
While you shouldn’t bet your house or pink slip for your car, a little something can make all the difference.

2. Play in Scrambles

I love scrambles, whether it’s a 2-man or 4-man style. It’s a fun way to get out on the course, remove all the pressure, and hang with your buddies. Plus, you’re usually donating to a charity or good cause, so it’s a win-win scenario.

1. Theme Your Outing

The last tip to make this dumb game more fun is to theme it like a college party. Instead of wearing your favorite Nike or Under Armour Polo, theme your outing.
Round up the boys in advance and let them know the new dress code for the day. You could go old school golf attire, dress like Payne Stewart did, or something hilarious like 80s themed.

Don’t forget, golf is still a game. I know it’s hard for some of you to read (myself included) but don’t take the fun out of it by getting angrier than Sergio Garcia.
The course doesn’t want to see it, your playing partners don’t want to babysit, and your wife doesn’t want to hear about it after the round.
Written by Michael Leonard