18 Reasons Why I Suck At Golf

18 Reasons Why I Suck At Golf
18 Reasons Why I Suck At Golf

We all can’t be touring PGA professionals! Most of us will never consistently break 100 without knowingly bending the rules. A bump out of the rough here, an improved lie there, a convenient “Give me a bogey” when you made a 7 and voila – You shot a 96!
How hard can it really be? Think about it – the ball is lying there…NOT moving. Just sitting still on the beautifully manicured grass and we can’t hit it to save our lives. I can understand it in Baseball: trying to make contact with a 90 mph curve ball, which is flipping hard to do – but, hitting a golf ball? Come on…
Many reasons come to mind why we suck at the game we love – and, I apologize, if the “s” word is too strong but I couldn’t think of another word that more appropriately describes my personal lack of accomplishments for my weekend passion.

Reason #1

I only play a few times a year. Bad answer – you have a bathroom with a mirror to practice your swing or did you ever hear about a driving range, Top Golf, Drive Shack and lots of other places you can practice on a regular basis. Bad excuse. Next. .

Reason #2

I’m a lefty – for some reason, all of our golf stores only sell righty clubs and this has proven to be a major disadvantage in conquering the sport. Plus, the course I play on was only designed for right hand players.

Reason #3

Why does the pin move each day to a different part of the green? How can I get good if the hole is being moved on a daily basis.


Reason #4

The 4 some behind me keeps rushing me; please tell them to just chill, enjoy the beautiful day and stop “putting” pressure on us.

Reason #5

Too much water and trees on the course; I don’t believe the adage that a tree is 90% air because for some reason, my golf balls always hit the center of the tree trunk.

Reason #6

My golf bag was purchased on sale and only has a pocket to hold 3 golf balls and 4 tees; once I lose my balls, I’m done with my round.


Reason #7

Greens are too slow – 100% of the putts that didn’t reach the hole don’t go in. As hard as I try to hit the ball to the hole, it doesn’t get there. I can only blame this on my putter and the slow greens.

Reason #8

Bad assortment of liquor on the 19th hole. All I want is a refreshing brewski or vodka with lime (but the bar at my golf course doesn’t have cut up limes) which is beyond frustrating. .

Reason #9

Range finder does the yards only in meters; to save money, I bought my range finder on sale from a website based in a country I never heard of – the only issue is that my range find only shows the distance in meters – and, to make matters worse, I can’t covert meters into yards.

Reason #10

I can’t control my pull cart – my pull cart has a brain of its own. As much as I push it straight, it veers left or right which affects my game.


Reason #11

My glove doesn’t fit – Can someone please explain to me the meaning of the word “cadet”? Why can’t there just S, M, L and XL?

Reason #12

Golf rules make no sense -my friends who tell me they break 80 really shoot 92 if they played by the rules.

Reason #13

I purposely didn’t include a reason for #13 because golfers tells me it’s an unlucky #.

Reason #14

I hate my friends who all say they hit their drives 300 yards. They wish!
Reason #15

My golf balls don’t have the right dimples on them. I need a custom golf ball made just for me; but I stink so I think its best that I use water bowl that can be purchased from the local pawn shop.

Reason #16

My internet is always down. Without wifi, I can’t watch Golf Videos and YouTube Videos how to improve my game.


Reason #17

My significant other is holding me back. I’m trying to get better but “THEY” don’t want me to leave for the whole day on a weekend as we need quality time to build our stronger relationship. GTFO!

Reason #18

I don’t have a 18th reason but I thought I should write something to honor the 18 holes of golf.
Tell us your reasons why you suck at golf below in the comments 👇!