5 Mistakes Most Golfers Make When Practicing

5 Mistakes Most Golfers Make When Practicing
5 Mistakes Most Golfers Make When Practicing

Golf is the only sport where you can practice regularly and get worse.
What a game we choose to play… right?
But before giving up on practice for good, I have some tweaks to help you practice 10X more effectively.
Here are some of the most common practice mistakes to avoid so you can actually improve with each session.

5. Only Going to the Driving Range

The most common mistake that most players make is only going to the range to get better.
Newsflash, 70% of all shots happen on or within 50 yards of the green. So practice those shots so you can actually improve the areas that matter most!
Hit the putting green and short game area as much (or more) in practice to hone your feel around the greens.


4. Practicing With the Wrong Clubs

When you do go to the driving range, make sure you have the right clubs. Most golfers hit an excessive amount of mid-irons, when in reality, you only hit a few of those shots each round.
Instead, focus on the clubs that you use most; which is likely your driver and wedges. Sprinkle in some irons but spend most of your time on the clubs that will impact your score the most.

3. Neglecting Your Aim

I would say this is the biggest mistake that most golfers make on the range. When you don’t pick a target or use an alignment aid, you’re setting yourself up to fail.
Alignment is the most important part of your setup. Because if you aren’t aiming properly, your mind will realize it and make adjustments without you realizing it.
For example, your mind knows when you’re aimed 20 yards right and will make you come over the top to pull it back to the target. Over time, this can lead to some bad habits that are hard to break.

Always pick a target for each shot and use an alignment stick in practice. 

2. Not Developing a Routine

A pre-shot routine is your best buddy on the course. It makes it easier to block out the negative self talk and any nerves you might feel. It should also give you comfort in an uncomfortable situation.
But most golfers don’t have a pre-shot routine and wonder why they get so nervous and can’t play well under pressure. Just look at any PGA Tour player (or skilled amateur) and you will notice they have a pre-shot routine every swing.
So instead of just banging balls at the range, develop and practice a pre-shot routine. Make sure it includes:

  • Picking a target.
  • A rehearsal swing.
  • Taking a calming, deep breath.

Then, make sure you practice the routine on the range so it becomes automatic on the course.

1. Hitting Too Many Golf Balls

Longer practice sessions don’t necessarily mean better with golf. In fact, some of my most effective sessions have been 20 minutes on the range.

Don’t make the length of each session your barometer for success.
Instead, grab a smaller bucket and be intentional with each swing. Pick a target, go through your full routine, and take regular breaks so that it’s closer to actually playing a round of golf.

Are you making any of these mistakes with your practice sessions?
Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Michael Leonard