5 of the Worst Holes to Play in Golf

5 of the Worst Holes to Play in Golf
5 of the Worst Holes to Play in Golf

No matter how much you love golf, there are some holes that every golfer hates playing. I’m not talking about a hard hole because of the design or distance, either.
Instead, I’m talking about awkward situations that only golfers know. Here are the five worst holes to play in golf… 

1. First Hole With a Hangover 

If you haven’t walked up to the first tee and thought you might get sick from the night before, can you even call yourself a golfer?
Golf and drinking go hand in hand, just like golf and gambling. But if you get hammered the night before, it can make the start of your round nearly impossible. 

Golf is hard enough, but add in a soul crushing headache, shame from not remembering how you got home, and a stiff back, it’s not ideal. But sometimes, you just have to push through and see what happens. 
The key to beating the hangover is usually a beer (or three), a fully-loaded greasy breakfast sandwich, and about 300 mg of caffeine.  

2. First hole in a Tournament 

Tournament golf, whether it’s a friendly scramble for charity or a competitive event, really messes with a golfers head. Even though it’s the same sport they’ve played thousands of times, the added pressure changes everything.

The first hole in a tournament, especially with a big group watching, is the first tee jitters on steroids. Your heart is racing, you’re sweating, you barely remember how to swing, and just pray you don’t royally screw up. 
Sometimes you hit it well and figure you’re going to lead the team to victory. Other times, you hit it so bad that you think about slamming a beer before snapping a driver shaft. 
It happens… but just remember, whatever happens on the first hole isn’t an omen for the rest of the day (unless you let it). 

3. Tenth Hole (After Getting a Hot Dog)

The 10th hole is always hard because someone in the group adds up the front nine scores and tells the group. At that point, you double the front nine score in your head and start thinking about the total score (which almost never happens). 
To make the 10th even harder, you might be hangry and grab an 800 calorie, fully loaded hot dog from the cute cart girl. Now you’re trying to not spill on your fresh, overpaid outfit and still manage a good score to start the back nine strong.

If this is you, learn how to eat like you’re in a food eating competition, or wait until the cart is stopped.

4. 18th Hole – Good Finish 

Even if you played horrible all day and wanted to quit golf forever, the 18th hole can change the day. All it takes is one good swing or a birdie (or better) to end the day strong and not sell your clubs on OfferUp.
But finishing good on 18 might change the entire day and have you feeling optimistic about golf. 

5. 18th Hole – Bad Finish  

The fifth-worst hole to play in golf is when things are going well until you step on the 18th tee box. Maybe you’re playing a great round, up big on your side bets, or playing phenomenal in a tournament. 

But there is still one hole left… 

Even if you had 17 solid holes, all it takes is one bad one on 18 to ruin the day. Because you can’t get any redemption and instead, go fuming to your car or order the bar on the 19th hole to drown your sorrows.  
Written by Michael Leonard