5 Reasons to Night Golf

Golf is the best sport ever – but there’s only one problem… we can’t play it at night.
Unless you can find a course that offers night golf tournaments. The course will light up the flag sticks, different parts of the fairway, the golf carts, and send you on your way.
That is when the magic happens…
Here are five reasons why night golf needs to happen more and why you should find an event near you immediately.

5. You Can Pre-Game Without Judgement

Not that you can’t pre-game a normal round, but slamming drinks at 6am is frowned upon in most circles. But with night golf, you can hit a normal happy hour aggressively and then head straight to the course with no judgement from the wife.
Okay, probably still some judgement but hopefully less than normal.

4. Amazing Challenge


If you’ve ever played night golf, you know that the ball goes about 30-50% less than normal. Which makes for an interesting challenge on the course, as your drives likely won’t go over 200 yards.
As if golf was getting too easy with a normal Pro V1. Seriously though, it’s a nice change.

3. Scrambles Are the Best Format

Almost all night golf events are scrambles because let’s face it, playing golf at night is tough. But when you play with three buddies, it makes it easier to score and way more fun, too.

2. Ball Flight At Night


Seeing any golf ball take off from the club like a rocket into the blue sky is the best feeling ever. But if the ball is lit up like a rave and flying into the dark sky, against the moon light, it doesn’t get much better than that!

1. More Fun


Finally, night golf is just more fun. We rarely get the chance to do it, so it feels extra special to round up your buddies and go make some memories at night on the course.
If you find a tournament near you, don’t miss out, it’s 100% worth it. Plus, some courses have nine holes in the early evening, buffet, then nine holes at night.
Talk about the perfect day on the links!
Have you ever played in a night golf tournament? If so, what was your experience like?
Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Michael Leonard