5 Reasons You Don’t Play Golf With Your Wife

5 Reasons You Don’t Play Golf
5 Reasons You Don’t Play Golf

Having your other half play golf is a double-edged sword.
Sure, it’s cool that she knows a little about the game and can complement your awesome swing but don’t forget about the other side. When she plays golf, that means she’ll want to tee it up with you for some quality bonding time.

While that’s okay from time to time and when you’re retired, it’s not ideal for most guys.
Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t play golf with your wife regularly.

5. Best Behavior

If you’re like most guys, you probably love golf with the boys. You probably look forward to it all week, constantly texting and talking trash in a group message.
It’s a day to disconnect, unplug, slam some beers, and puff a cigar throughout the round. Not to mention, endless insults and crude jokes with your buddies.

But when you’re playing with your wife or girlfriend, you will likely have to adjust your behavior. That half rack of beers turns into one beer a nine (at best). The cigar stays in the bag and trash talk is reserved for another day.
Most likely, you can’t be 100% you!

4. You Have to Teach

Look, I’m not against teeing it up with your significant other from time to time if she can get around the course. But if she’s a beginner who doesn’t know the rules or make contact with the ball regularly, good luck.
There’s a reason that golf professionals get paid hundreds of dollars per hour. Yet, she’ll want endless advice on where to stand, how to grip the club, and every other part of the swing.
To make matters worse, not only do you have to teach, you have to pick up her green fees too. Now you have to pay for two players and have about half the amount of fun as you would with your normal group of buddies.


3. Your Game Suffers

I think it’s pretty much impossible to play your best when the other half is with you.
Between having to stay patient, not hit on the cart girl, teach her the rules, and everything else, your game is not a top priority.
Plus, I’m sure you’ll have to smile through some selfies in the golf cart for Instagram #golfgirls.


2. You’re Bailing on Your Buddies

When you say yes to golfing with your wife, that means saying no to your buddies. If your group of friends are anything like mine, chances are you will never hear the end of it.
Meanwhile, you will have massive FOMO.

1. The Cart Girl

Finally, don’t forget, when you’re golfing with your wife, that means no hitting (or at least flirting) with the cart girl. Now, you have to wave her past as you drink your water and dream about the next round with the boys.

If you do take the plunge and go out with your girl, make sure you’re getting some serious brownie points.
What’s your experience with golfing with your wife or girlfriend?
Let us know in the comments below.
Written by Michael Leonard