Best Golf Halloween Costumes

Best Golf Halloween Costumes
Best Golf Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great way to make golf even more fun and theme it for the holiday.
It’s a good way to make the round a little less stuffy and a lot more memorable. Here are five outfits that you can wear and still play great golf.

5. Happy Gilmore (and his Caddy)

This one is easy – grab a hockey jersey, boots and some baggy, obnoxious pants. For extra credit, put a hockey stick in your bag too.

But to make the outfit complete, have a friend with a beard dress up as his caddy with the overalls and beer helmet. Don’t forget the Ritz crackers, either.

4. Tiger Woods

Have you ever played a bad round, wearing black and red like the GOAT?
My guess is no!

I know I haven’t, so throw on the black shorts/pants and red mock polo to hit some bombs and drain some putts. Make Tiger proud until he’s back on his feet and competing again with some fist pumps too.

3. Old School Golfer

If you preferred how golfers used to dress instead of the hoodies of today, this is a fun one.

Grab some knickers, a plaid vest, a Puma cap (thanks Bryson for still wearing them), and some high socks. If you want to really make it unique, wear a tie as well.

2. Caddyshack

If you want to make golfers of any age laugh, show up looking like Carl Spackler from Caddyshack. All you need are some dirty pants, boots, high socks, camo bucket hat, and a funny t-shirt or plaid shirt.
During the round, make sure you’re constantly talking about the Dalai Lama and becoming a Cinderella story to stay in character. Also, don’t forget a gopher headcover as well.
If a buddy wants to dress up as Ty Webb, that would make it even more iconic.

1. John Daly

If you have the frame of big JD, own it! Grab some loudmouth pants, a blonde wig, a pack of cigarettes, sunglasses and some beers.
Don’t forget the huge backswing too.
Which of these is your favorite Halloween costume for the course?
Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Michael Leonard