Bobcat Hunts Down It’s Lunch on the Golf Course

Bobcat Hunts Down It's Lunch
Bobcat Hunts Down It's Lunch

Some days, we just have crazy cravings for our favorite food and we’ll stop at nothing to have it. According to the footage, this bobcat can’t get enough of the notion of devouring a live bird.
Viewers can see the creature with its eye on a family of ducks or geese in a recent video taken on an Arizona golf course. While his naive lunch choices all stuck together, the pointy-eared creature hid in the sand.

Several players at Scottsdale’s Silverleaf Country Club observed the chaotic scene on Friday. The video was initially shared with enthralled followers by TMZ.
In the footage, a woman says, “Look at this.” “They have no idea he’s there.”
When the bobcat decided it was time to attack, he flew straight for the oblivious birds. Unfortunately for him, they all flew away before he could choose the nicest piece of meat for lunch—or so we thought for the first 40 seconds.
The camera cuts shows a bobcat calmly laying on the grass nibbling on a bird after a group of birds manages to flee. Then he grabs his loot and dashes off into the woods.

The golfers appear to have continued their game despite the surprising situation. The game continued after the animals vanished, according to an Instagram user.

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