Bortles Called to Green Bay As He’s About to Break 80

Bortles Called to Green Bay As He's About to Break 80
Bortles Called to Green Bay As He's About to Break 80

Rejoice, NFL fans, your favorite meme quarterback is being thrust back into action this week! Unfortunately for Blake Bortles, though, the sudden timing messed up what might have been a special round of golf.
In case you missed it on Wednesday, the big sports news was Aaron Rodgers reportedly testing positive for COVID (and kinda being shady about his vaccination status). With the three-time NFL MVP ruled out for this week’s game, that put the Green Bay Packers in a QB scramble.

Jordan Love figures to get his first start, but the Packers also turned to Bortles, the former Jacksonville Jaguars star/punching bag, as a possible backup when the team hosts Kansas City this Sunday. On the surface, this is great news for the 29-year-old who spent time with Green Bay in the offseason while Rodgers pondered retirement. But the timing couldn’t have been worse because he was really cooking on the golf course, according to the AP’s Mark Long:

Not even the pros can get their rounds in when work calls. That’s why you get paid the big bucks after all.
By the way, Bortles is listed as having a 9.5 handicap index. So even with a potential big number on No. 8, being even par through seven holes was a pretty big deal for him.

Perhaps the worst part is that Bortles was on track to break through a bit of a rut he’s been in lately. Of course, it always happens when you are on top of your game. Rough.
So, yeah, this Packers gig better be worth it. The weather down south is arguably better than in Green Bay right now. Something tells us he won’t be spending much time on the course up there.
This article originally appeared on Golf Digest.