Check Out This $300 Limited Edition Golf Ball

Check Out This $300 Limited Edition Golf Ball
Check Out This $300 Limited Edition Golf Ball

We know inflation is high right now, but $300 for a dozen golf balls? One eBay seller apparently thinks the laws of supply and demand will net a big return.
A report from Jonathan Wall of points out that currently there is one dozen Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot golf balls —a tour-only version that was released in what the company called “incredible limited capacity” to the public—seeking that price.

The “left dot” moniker refers to the dot to the left of Pro V1 on the ball’s sidestamp. The model became available through and select pro shops beginning Sept. 1. Basically the golf-ball equivalent of the underground menu at In ‘N Out Burger—with less availability.
“This version has been on tour for a few years,” said Jeremy Stone, VP, golf ball marketing for Titleist when the ball was made available. “On any week you’ll see between six and 12 players using it.”
Henrik Stenson, who was fighting shots that went too high, used it to win the Open Championship in 2016 and more recently, Tony Finau captured The Northern Trust using the left dot.

A Better Ball?

The left dot is designed to be a lower spinning, lower flying Pro V1 with similar feel to the standard version. The ball uses a slightly modified core and casing layer as well as deeper dimples than the standard Pro V1. The Pro V1 left dot came to retail for $50 per dozen, the same as the standard Pro V1 and Pro V1x. But some enterprising folks are seeking to capitalize on its scarcity by seeing what the market will bring.
Of course, this is nothing new for Titleist and its Pro V1 line. When the Pro V1 first came out auction sites were bringing north of $100 for a dozen and currently there are six other offerings for the Left Dot asking (and in some instances, receiving bids) in excess of $200 with one seller asking $1,200 for five dozen if you care to “buy it now.”
For me, that’s a “No, thanks.” But like P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
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