Frustrated Golfer Finds Innovative Solution for 3-Putts

Frustrated Golfer Finds Innovative Solution
Frustrated Golfer Finds Innovative Solution

The video was posted on the TikTok account @mikeycook, which was found amusing. It says in the caption, “When you’re tired of three-putting, you pull out the leg.”

In any case, it appears that the protaganist was becoming a little frustrated while on the dance floor. Keep an eye out for when he throws his club to the ground.

He removes his prosthesis, takes his aim, and then drains the putt with a single smooth stroke. He is a true professional. That’s some pretty impressive stuff.

Unfortunately, this is not permitted by the rules of golf, despite the fact that it is innovative.

This is in accordance with Rule 9.4, which states that objects that bear only a passing resemblance to a club are considered non-conforming objects.

In this particular instance, the player would be subject to a fine. But it’s clear that they’re just having a good time.

This is what the Rules of Golf say about conforming clubs:
1. The shaft must be attached to the clubhead at the heel (Section 2c);
2. The grip must be circular in cross-section (Section 3b(i)) and only one grip is permitted (Section 3c);
3. The clubhead must be generally plain in shape (Section 4a) and have only one striking face (Section 4d); and,
4. The face of the club must conform to the specifications with respect to hardness, surface roughness, material, markings in the impact area and dynamic properties (Sections 4c and 5).
5. The length of the club must follow the guidelines for chippers specified in the table located in Section 1c.

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