Golf Coach Shows How to Attack a Pin From 50-Yards Out

How to Attack a Pin From 50-Yards Out
How to Attack a Pin From 50-Yards Out

Manolo Vega is a passionate golf coach who has developed a distinct style of his own. However, it is a persuasive style that provides brief and to-the-point pieces of advice.
In one of his most recent Instagram posts, Vega instructs us on how to attack the pin when faced with a 50-yard pitch and how to remain fearless.

In order to hit towards the green, the player must avoid a bunker, which Vega says should not be taken into consideration.
When you hit the ball, Vega reminds you of one of the first rules in the book: keep your head down and watch the club strike the back of the golf ball, as illustrated in the video below.
Because this is a short wedge shot, you don’t need to spread your feet too far apart. When you are hitting your driver or a wood, you should take a wide stance to maximize your distance. Vega also outlines that you must have positive thoughts when you are over your ball. If you don’t believe that you can hit a good shot, then you won’t.


All About Confidence

Vega could easily hit a bail-out shot to the left half of the green to avoid the risk of hitting it short in the bunker, but he wants his students to have full confidence in themselves.
Unfortunately for Vega, he caught his pitch a little heavy and his ball did in fact finish in the bunker. This essentially sums up the unpredictability of the funny golf man.

However, his points still stand and his advice is still very important. You should keep your head down and look at the back of the ball and only think positive thoughts.
Vega is certainly a no-nonsense golf coach so if you ever have a 50-yard pitch with a hazard in the way, remember his approach and back your ability.
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