How NOT to Hit on a Cart Girl

How Not to Hit on a Cart Girl
How Not to Hit on a Cart Girl

Cart girls are the unicorns of the golf world.
Every guy wants to take one out, but most golfers sabotage their chances of success.
Instead of using cheesy pickup lines or trying to swing like Bryson to impress her, follow our rules to find success.

How to Hit on a Cart Girl – 5 Rules

1. Don’t Be Creepy

The first rule is simple, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being creepy.
Remember, you only get one first impression, so don’t screw it up the first time you see the cart girl. Because let’s get real, there are too many middle-aged creepy dudes on the course, so be different.


2. Buy Something

The next step is to buy something from her, even if you aren’t hungry or thirsty. And no, asking for a cup of ice doesn’t count.
Otherwise, you’re just a lingerer and violating the first rule.

3. Ask Real Questions

Once you aren’t creepy and she’s getting your food/drinks ready, it’s time to talk. To avoid awkward silences, don’t talk about your game (she doesn’t care) or yourself.
Instead, ask her questions about her life!
Don’t make them lame questions either, make them interesting so that you stand out and are memorable.

4. Tip Generously

Once she hands you the food and drinks, give her a good tip so she doesn’t think you’re cheap. Always make sure it’s a cash tip so she can pocket the money and avoid reporting it to the government.

5. Keep It Going

If you want to wine and dine the cart girl, don’t shoot your shot the first time you see her on the front nine. Instead, build some rapport throughout the round, then ask for a number or suggest meeting up later. Plus, if she says no, it won’t be awkward the rest of the round.


What Not to Say to the Cart Girl

While those five tips should help you pursue the unicorn of the golf world, there are some things to avoid as well. Here are five things not to say to the cart girl…

1. What advice would you give me?

90% of cart girls don’t play a lot of golf and if they do, probably aren’t scratch players. Don’t ask them for advice!

2. Watch Me Hit This Shot

Unless you’re playing with the swagger of Tiger Woods, don’t invite her to watch you hit the next shot. You will probably put too much pressure on yourself, hit an awful shot, and your buddies will make fun of you.

Then she will drive away in the distance laughing as well. Not a lot of good can happen for most golfers.

3. Can I Give You a Lesson?

This violates rule number one instantly, and she will probably get the creepy vibes too.

4. Will You Take a Shot With Me?

Unless you’re super friendly with a cart girl, don’t ask her to drink with you. She’s working, not golfing like you and it’ll likely be a hard pass for her.

5. Any Generic Pickup Line

Leave the pickup lines in high school and avoid them at all costs. When you follow the first five rules, you won’t need to resort to lame pickup lines that most guys use.
Have you had success hitting on a cart girl?
If so, let us know your strategy in the comments below!
Written by Michael Leonard