How to Get Mad on a Golf Course (The Right Way)

How to Get Mad on a Golf Course
How to Get Mad on a Golf Course

Unless you’re a monk, golf is the most frustrating sport ever.
In more than two decades of golf, I’ve witnessed and experienced some of the best freak-outs of all time. I once saw a guy throw his entire bag in the lake, get in his cart, and ride back to the clubhouse. Only to try and fish the entire set out a few hours later.

That’s just golf.
The next time you’re seeing red after a blowup hole or a 4-putt, use these tips to get mad… the right way.

Avoid The Driver at All Costs

The driver is easy to get mad at but it’s the absolute worst club to damage. If you slam it in the ground, your shaft can snap or splinter and it’s the most expensive shaft to replace.
If you really do damage, the head might break or chip too. At the end of the day, the driver is too important to hurt, so refrain from giving it a hulk smash after a bad tee off.
Instead, pick it up, look at it, and throw some vulgar language at the club.

Toss, Don’t Throw Clubs

This tip is easier said than done.
Because I’d be lying if I said I haven’t tossed a club in the lake in my younger days. That club was a $250 5-wood that I never found again. I don’t want that for you.

Instead, feel free to toss the club closer to your bag but avoid hitting the bag or cart. Otherwise, you’re going to bring in the cart path or potentially damage another club too.
Not to mention, your playing partners get scared as well.

Throw a Ball in the Lake

After you 3-putt and want to slam your putter against your foot, don’t do it!
The putter is heavy and I’ve done some damage to my foot and ankle before. This was an insult to injury after a three jack. Not to mention, if you damage your putter or shaft mid-round, it makes for a long day.
Instead, grab that ball and hurl it into the lake or forest nearby.
Show that ball whose boss – then go grab a fresh one and reset before the next tee off.


Don’t Punch the Steering Wheel

The cart steering wheel is not a punching bag. It’s hard plastic that can draw blood from a good punch (once again, I know from experience).
Instead, open your palm and slap your hip or the top of the golf cart to avoid injury.

Slam Clubs Correctly

I’ve mastered the art of slamming clubs because I had to learn the hard way. If you hit an awful shot and question your worth as a human, don’t just slam your club against anything.
Here are my club slamming rules:
– Never slam a driver (refer back to point #1).
– Only slam wedges because they’re the cheapest club and shaft to replace.
– When you slam your club, don’t slam it against your entire bag. I’ve seen someone do this and break several shafts as well. Instead, slam it on the ground (as long as there is no sprinkler head nearby) or the base of your golf bag.
Hopefully these tips will help you get the demons out but not damage your clubs.
Written by Michael Leonard