Is Phil Mickelson Really a Vegan? His Strange Diet Plan

Is Ohil Mickelson Really a Vegan
Is Ohil Mickelson Really a Vegan

Phil Mickelson is used to making headlines. From his wacky tweets to his sweet dance moves, he’s always getting the attention. In the past, Lefty has also shared some of his strange dieting habits. While most assume he is vegan, Phil has left some room for interpretation.

Mickelson has struggled with his food choices in the past and like many of us, has tried many different diet plans to get healthy. He recently clarified that he is in fact not a vegan. He has dabbled in consuming a vegetarian diet, but that morphed into a new eating plan. But it hasn’t always been this easy for him.
In fact, Paul Azinger once opened up about his shock at witnessing Lefty’s breakfast.

From way back in 2002, he expressed his amazement and said, “I look over at Phil, and he’s got a plate loaded with three waffles topped with two fried eggs. Lots of butter and plenty of syrup. And he’s washing it down with a diet coke.”
However, where did the speculations about him being vegan begin? Let’s take a look at the time period that may have started these rumors.

Phil Mickelson follows a strict diet post-Psoriatic Arthritis diagnosis

In 2010, Mickelson was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis; a condition in which the cells in your immune system start to attack the healthy cells in your joints and tissues. While not always true, his unhealthy diet may have been a factor that led to it. However, in order to combat this, Lefty decided to make some massive changes in his life.
For almost five months, he switched to a vegetarian lifestyle, meaning no consumption of meat. He possibly saw the benefits of this change, which is why, when he switched back, he stuck to the addition of a combination of fruits and veggies.

Since then, he has tried various diet plans. However, none of them traced back to any plant-based diet. A well-known one was a six-month doctor consulted diet he did, which mainly comprised special coffee blend and water.
So, while back on track with his usual diet, he is definitely more aware of the food he is putting into his body now.
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