Koepka on DeChambeau Feud: He’s ‘fair game’

Koepka on DeChambeau Feud: He's 'fair game'
Koepka on DeChambeau Feud: He's 'fair game'

Is it just me, or can you not get enough of this Bryson DeChambeau vs. Brooks Koepka drama. I am not even sure I can call it beef, more like drama because they’re PGA Tour golfers, not heavyweight fighters.
In a year when Godzilla vs. King Kong battled for the king of the Titans, I can’t feel like this isn’t the equivalent in the golf world. And quite frankly, I think the golf world needs this. 
Unlike most sports, every player is so nice to each other it’s almost insulting to fans. Because we know they’re all humans and naturally don’t like certain players. Or, in Brook’s case, any player (or even golf for that matter).   

So what does he mean by “Fair game?”
Let’s dive in… 

Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau Feud  

For the non-avid golf fan, it’s easy to think the Bryson vs. Brooks feud started recently after the 2021 PGA Championship. As I’m sure you know, Brooks was spotted rolling his eyes as Bryson clanked behind him with his metal spikes. It’s been internet gold and as a fan, would love to thank the cameraman that released that footage. 

Since then, they’ve been trolling each other in interviews and social media. But the feud is actually a few years old, dating back to August 2019. The most recent incidents have simply fueled the fire from a few years ago.  

During an interview that week, Brooks called out slow players on the PGA Tour, including Bryson. He obviously didn’t love the public shaming and ended up talking about it with Brooks and everything was good between the two (or so they thought).
Apparently, their peace treaty was broken when Bryson made some off the cuff comments when live-streaming. He criticized Brooks and his physique for being in the ESPN body issue “without abs” according to “The Scientist.” These comments and others obviously irritated Brooks and from that moment on, it’s been “fair game” to go after his competitor. 

Now, Brooks loves to troll Bryson (as do his fans by constantly yelling Brooksie as he hits). It doesn’t seem like Brooks is backing down on his “fair game” comments, either.
For example, recently, Bryson and his longtime caddie parted ways unexpectedly. Brooks took the opportunity to post an “appreciation post” about his own caddie the next day. 

You just can’t make this stuff up. But the golf world is still hoping we can get them paired together on a big stage. 
Not to mention… the upcoming 2021 Ryder Cup. 

Potential Ryder Cup Drama

What makes this drama even better is that the Ryder Cup is looming and they’ll likely both be  automatic picks. Needless to say, I doubt they’ll be paired together, even if Bryson thinks it is a fun idea. 
I bet it would go about as well as it did when Tiger Woods was paired with Phil Mickelson in the 2004 Ryder Cup. In case you forgot, they went 0-2 and are known as one of the most unsuccessful teams in Ryder Cup history.
Only time will tell how the feud continues and if it pays off for either of them with the new $40 million dollar bonus pool. Since it is all about rewarding players for driving engagement to the game, it would be hard to argue these two haven’t done just that.

Are you team Brooksie or team Bryson? 
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Written by Michael Leonard