Mixed Reviews: Pros Weigh in on the New Premier Golf League

Mixed Reviews: Pros Weigh in on the New Premier Golf League
Mixed Reviews: Pros Weigh in on the New Premier Golf League

There seems to be a lot of opinions regarding the new Premier Golf League. Seen as an alternate to the PGA Tour, it is similar to the European Super League that organized soccer clubs worldwide. The league was created in an effort to bring more visibility to the sport. Premier League golfers would have the opportunity to play more often and have substantial earning potential. However, those golfers may have to give up their spots on the PGA Tour. ESPN caught up with Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson to get their opinions on the Super League.

A Bit Skeptical
Thomas and McIlroy don’t seem to be too keen on the idea. Both golfers expressed concern in shifting the focus of the game to how much money lines their pockets rather than the talent of the golfers themselves. McIlroy stated that he hopes to achieve a lasting legacy rather than a larger paycheck. Thomas also said he doesn’t have any complaints with how the PGA Tour handles their league. He is perfectly happy where he’s at. Both spoke of their appreciation for the current platform and it’s partnership with the European Tour in organizing competitors from around the globe.
Rickie Fowler doesn’t seem to be quite ready to weigh in either way just yet. Fowler, who sat out the Masters this year while hanging with none other than Tiger Woods, has seen his ranking slip for the last couple of years. Despite his less than stellar performance, he did manage to get a spot in the PGA Championship due to a special exemption. Fowler is one of the names being targeted by the Super League to make the switch. For now, he seems to be staying put in the PGA Tour.

Mickelson is on Board

Phil Mickelson arguably has the most motivation to take his chances with the new league. He has seen less play time recently. He also hasn’t qualified for as many championships as in years past. Mickelson argues that the Premier Golf League will allow fans to get even more of their favorite golfers. This is because the schedule is much more rigorous than the PGA Tour. The money doesn’t hurt either.
The PGA Tour recently announced the Player Impact Program. PIP will pay substantial bonuses to golfers who are the most popular. This seems to be in direct response to the forming of the Premier Golf League. However, it was met with mixed reviews as well. However the situation plays out, the monetary rewards for both the PGA Tour and the Super League will undoubted attract more talent from around the world. Something tells us it will also be a win for golf fans everywhere.