Paige Spiranac Best Training Videos Of All Time

Paige Spiranac Best Training Videos Of All Time
Paige Spiranac Best Training Videos Of All Time

Ok, the subject line was to just get your attention.  We love Paige Spiranac.  She is smart and funny.  A social media star.  Of course, it does not hurt that she is a beautiful woman and can beat 99% of the guys out there on the golf course.  Paige originally rose to fame by creating trick shots on social media.  She had more than two million followers on Instagram by the end of 2018.
Paige is a hometown girl for Daily Divots.  She attended San Diego State and won All-Mountain West Conference honors in 2013 and 2014.  The other amazing thing about Paige is that she is a great golf instructor and has produced lots of great training videos to help us with our golf games.

We have put together the best 10 training videos, PLUS two bonus videos at the end.


1. Putting drill

We all need help putting. I liked her suggestion about using the double overlap grip. There are great drills to use at home. You will love her assistant/caddie.


2. Workout tips

Seriously, I loved this video. There is very little good golf workouts available on the internet. I have always felt golf is about flexibility, fast-twitch muscles, and strong legs. Most workouts out there are about building too much muscle.


3. Beginner swing tips

This is perfect for new golfers. If you are a beginner watch this one. Most instructors these days are only focused on low handicappers. Paige has instruction for all levels.


4. Full swing advice

These tips and advice are for the avid golfers. You can use them on the range or in your garage. I personally have been using the one legged swing drill for years.


5. Pressure putts

We all need help with making pressure putts. Skip the first 90 seconds of this video. She is promoting a sponsor (I don’t blame her. She is just trying to pay the bills.)


6. Boobs and bras advice

I am just making sure you were reading the whole blog. This one is for the women. Us men just do not need to worry about these things. (Men, you do not need to watch this video.)


7. Short game tips

Ok, admit it, you rarely practice your short game. We all love to bang balls on the range and then go hit a few putts. If you are like me, you rarely work on chipping. I probably got the most out of this video.


8. How to read greens

Drive for show, putt for dough. You can be a good putter, but if you can’t read the greens you will never make putts. I love the routine and thought strategy she uses when putting.


9. Bunker shots

We all suck out of the bunkers. I have never understood how the pros can hit it so close every time. Lots of good material here for any golfer.


10. Sports Illustrated swimsuit video

Sorry, this is not really a golf video, but I figured we would get the most views on this one.


Paige Spiranac Bonus Videos – just for fun. I thought you would like two of her funniest ticket shots.


11. Trick shot #1


12. Trick shot #2