Possibly the Greatest Golf Invention…Ever!

Possibly the Greatest Golf Invention...Ever!
Possibly the Greatest Golf Invention...Ever!

If you have made it this far, to the wonderful pages of golf dot com, you don’t need me to tell you much about the incredible technology that is ubiquitous in the golf world. We have driver heads designed like racecars. Rocket scientists working to streamline golf ball-clubface interaction. Shafts that can withstand Bryson-sized swing speeds.

But when I got assigned this story I was gearing up for a round of November golf in Seattle, which meant I was packing an extra layer, waterproof pants, a rain jacket and — most importantly of all — a pair of rain gloves.

Golfing in the Rain

I would deploy something like “these ain’t your father’s rain gloves”. But I’m not even sure your father had rain gloves. I’d imagine that golf in the rain used to be pure misery. No waterproof materials, no Gore-Tex anything, and you’d be constantly worried about throwing the club in your followthrough. No thanks!
That’s why I’m convinced that rain gloves are golf’s single biggest gamechanger. Typical golf gloves are especially slippery when wet. However, a good pair of rain gloves don’t even work properly until they have a little water on ’em. Sometimes I feel like I’m gripping it even better when I have rain gloves on than with your run-of-the mill dry-weather mitt.

I have a few beginner golf friends who didn’t own any rain gloves until we played together in some bad weather and I bullied them into purchasing a pair. I get it — do you really need another pair of gloves? But if it’s going to be wet out, you could have the best golf ball on the market, the greatest set of custom-fit irons and the biggest-hitting driver money can buy and you’d be desperately wishing you’d spend $23 on a pair of rain gloves.
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