Pro’s Personal Footage Captures Hysterical Range Fail

Hysterical Range Fail
Hysterical Range Fail

Emma Cabrera Bello, a member of the Ladies European Tour, captured a funny driving range mistake on tape while practicing ahead of the new season. A golfer made the elementary mistake of failing to place his basket beneath the dispenser in time, resulting in a swarm of golf balls bouncing about in all directions for him to gather.

What was even hilarious was that she was entirely clueless to what was going on behind her because she was definitely listening to loud music on her headphones!

Cabrera Bello shared the following on Twitter: “It’s coming…

Also, how awesome are these headphones… #fail I didn’t hear a single thing!” Take a look at the video below to see how funny it is:

Cabrera Bello also shared the video on Instagram in a’reel’ format, complete with amusing music…

There are a slew of driving range blunders to avoid while practicing, the first of which is placing the basket under the dispenser!

Emma Cabrera Bello, the younger sister of Rafa Cabrera Bello, a four-time DP World Tour winner and Ryder Cup player, turned pro in 2008 and has competed in over 100 tournaments on the Ladies European Tour.

Her best Tour result was a runner-up finish to Becky Brewerton at the 2009 Spanish Women’s Open.

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