The 5 Types of Golfers That Hit Into You

The 5 Types of Golfers That Hit Into You
The 5 Types of Golfers That Hit Into You

There isn’t much worse than getting hit with a golf ball. It stings, it’s scary, and it can totally throw off your golf game.
Even if the ball doesn’t hit you or any of your golfing buddies, it’s still annoying. No one likes being hit into on the course.
Some golfers deal with it okay while others are ready to start swinging at total strangers. Usually, there are five types of golfers that hit into you.
Let’s break down each type…

1. Big Bomber Show Off

The first type of golfer to hit into you is the guy who thinks he’s big time on the course. He is the type of guy who probably bought weighted swing sticks during the pandemic, swung 100X a day, and only does chest presses at the gym.

He likely can bomb the driver but still struggles to break 90. Because practicing short game is about as cool as training legs at the gym.
Blame Bryson for this type of guy.

2. Hates Slow Play

The only thing worse than slow play in golf is iron covers and guys who play the tips to “get their money’s worth” and can’t break 100. And sometimes that frustration of slow play leads to a guy finally fed up and hitting into the next group.

They think hitting up on a group will “light a fire under them” and speed up play. Sadly, it rarely works and makes you look like an ass to everyone else on the course.
Instead, grab a beer, take a breath and realize slow golf is better than no golf.

3. Blind Squirrel

Golf is crazy, sometimes you can bomb it off the tee and feel like Tiger in 2000. Then on the next hole you can get up and dead top it… that’s golf.

So sometimes you’ll get the blind squirrel who has little faith in his game. Then, out of nowhere, he hits a great shot that scares the group ahead.
If he yells fore, don’t take it personally. Remember, even a blind squirrel gets an acorn every once in a while.

4. The Annoying Members Who Think They Own the Course

I’ll never forget playing a practice round at a private country club for an event a few years ago. They didn’t pair me up with anyone, so I was stuck between a walking fivesome (seriously) and a foursome of lady golfers behind me.

I waited all day on every single shot. On the 7th, a long par 3, I was putting when a ball came rolling up. Needless to say, it was the ladies getting impatient and feeling like they owned the place.
After putting out on nine green (2.5 hours later) I went into the pro shop and got half my money back.

5. The Par 5 Guy

I’d argue one of the best feelings in golf is putting for eagle. Clearly you hit two solid shots to give yourself the chance and now it’s go time. Best case, you make 3, worst case, you three jack and still make par.
But for every guy who’s gone for a par 5 in two, there are about 100 guys who waited for the green to clear… only to dead top their second shot. There isn’t a much more embarrassing feeling on the golf course.

So if you’re on the green and someone rolls one up, don’t get mad. Appreciate that he didn’t hold the group up behind him with a duff, and actually gave himself a chance at eagle.
If you do find yourself in one of these situations, being “that guy” always yell fore. Or else someone from the group ahead might be as mad as the Hulk, ready to come get you.
Written by Michael Leonard