The Match is Heating Up – Bryson Takes Aim for Brooks

the match is heating up
the match is heating up

The Brooks and Bryson hype machine for Capital One’s: The Match is officially in full swing.
Ahead of their 12-hole duel on Friday, November 26, Bryson DeChambeau took an elevator to the 60th floor of the Wynn Las Vegas and climbed to the roof to hit a target with arch rival Brooks Koepka’s face on it.
“Why’s he smiling? I’m about to hit him in the face,” DeChambeau said.

From a height of 614 feet, DeChambeau launched a few drives over 500 yards to hit a target laid out on the Wynn Golf Club course the two will soon meet on for their head-to-head match-up.
To hit the target required a blast of 521 yards.
Bryson being Bryson he asked, “What’s the slope adjustment?”
He was told 19 degrees with wind nearly 10 miles per hour.
No idea whether The Mad Scientist did some calculations in his head but he was smiling as he let rip. When DeChambeau belted his first drive, he pronounced, “That’s gone,” but turned out it was short. He kept getting closer but his frustration was rising until he finally clocked one off Koepka’s mug. It wasn’t quite a bullseye, but it would do.

“Now it’s time to go beat him in the real match,” DeChambeau said.
Let’s hope the actual match lives up to the hype.
You can check out the video here.

This article originally appeared on Golfweek.