The ULTIMATE Christmas Gift Fail

Ultimate Christmas Gift Fail
Ultimate Christmas Gift Fail

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has received a Christmas gift that wasn’t quite right. Maybe it’s not really your color or the sizing is off. But this dad’s gift is a whole new level of frustrating.
Social media blew up with this funny video showing a golfer opening a special surprise from his father. You can just see the excitement on his face.

All was well as the right-hander opened it up, only to soon realize that Dad had purchased a left-handed version.
Delight turned to disappointment very quickly for the golfer dressed in a Santa hat.
Potential plot twist to the story… the Dad could be a left-hander. Who knows?!

Here’s how other golf fans reacted to the video.
“Kids these days, can’t appreciate anything.”
“Dad is definitely a lefty!”

“Straight on eBay lad.”
“It’s the thought that counts! I’ll order you another son!”
“I’m a lefty and could do with a driver if he’s looking to get rid.”
“Looks like a TaylorMade SIM?”
“To be fair there are much better deals on left handed clubs these days.”
“I once received a driver and was buzzing with it. I then went to tee off with it and the head went further than the ball. Can only assume it was a knock off from somewhere!”
“I find golf is much tougher left handed. Then again, I can’t play it much better right handed.”
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