The WEIRDEST Golf Ball Story Ever

The WEIRDEST Golf Ball Story Ever
The WEIRDEST Golf Ball Story Ever

It’s a story so absurd that it sounds like the plot of a new season of “American Vandal.” A small Pennsylvania town is being tormented by a mysterious person who is leaving golf balls in bulk everywhere. Yes, golf balls.
OK, so maybe “tormented” is a bit strong. Despite the odd circumstances, some are enjoying the freebies.

“I’m an avid golfer. My colleagues are also avid golfers,” Scott Rhine, a manager of a local car dealership in Palmyra, told “And some of them are Titleist Pro V1 balls, which are the cream of the crop. Top of the line.”
As a fellow avid golfer, that sounds like waking up to Chrismas morning every day. Do you know how much those cost?
Anyway, Rhine says the golf balls just show up on the lot and surrounding streets each day and that fellow employees collect the balls—ranging from a low of three or four to a high of 65—in large box.
Rhine added there’s never been any actual vandalism. Even stranger? This has been going on for some two years. So if you happen to be a friend of his, it’s probably best to get him something other than golf balls for Christmas.
So far, no one has taken credit/blame for this prank and nothing has been picked up on surveilance cameras. We’re not sure how the latter is possible, but hey, it’s a lot better than the mystery pooper who tortured a Norwegian golf course for more than a decade.

“It’s not damaging anything, so far as the business goes we really don’t care,” Rhine told “But we’d love to know where they’re coming from.”
Yep. The golfers in town would like to send a thank-you note.
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