The Worst & Funniest Golf Instructor Ever

The Worst & Funniest Golf Instructor Ever
The Worst & Funniest Golf Instructor Ever

You have got to see this! This guy is either brilliant or crazy. Either way he is funny as hell. This is exactly how I feel after I take a lesson. Way too many swing thoughts in my mind. Golf pros are extremely detail oriented. If they tell me too much it screws me up.

Just give me one thing to think about. I don’t have time to practice, so I am not going to work on it on the range. I just need one good swing thought to think about while I take my practice swings before I hit the ball. In case you need it in writing, this is what he says to do. Good luck.

Flat-Load & Snap-Load

I’ve been asked many times, “JC, what are your swing thoughts as you are swinging? What is, what are, what are the secrets-what are the secrets of golf that pros know?” Well, I heard this one time, and I remembered it, and it’s really- if you write this down, it really helps.

What I try to do, I try to flat-load my feet so I can snap-load my power package. That way I can amplify both lag and drag pressure through impact fix. As long as my number two power accumulator doesn’t breakdown, I can reach maximum centrifugal force with minimum pivotal resistance.

You see, the pivot is utilization of multiple centers to produce a circular motion for generating centrifugal force on our adjusted plane, plus it makes a bounce necessary to two-line delivery path. See, golf is geometrically-oriented layerforce. It involves a physical muscular thrust and geometry as a circle. You can divide the golf swing into 24 basic components, each at between 12 and 15 variations. Now when you think of all this and you get it all set, hopefully you’ll hit shots like this.