This drill will improve your consistency and add power to your swing


Alot of high handicaps tend to swing from narrow to wide, meaning that their arms and club move too close to their body on the backswing, which results in a chain reaction that causes them to throw the clubhead out on the downswing. It’s known as “casting,” and it costs you both consistency and power.

Instead, think about your swing going from wide to narrow. One drill you can do to help with this is to hold the club with your left hand, then place the palm of your right hand on the butt end of the grip (see photos above). As you make your backswing, push out with your right hand. Doing this will engage the key power muscles in your upper body, and you should be able to feel the stretch in your left shoulder and arm.

On the downswing, reverse the push, this time “pulling” your left hand as you lead with your body. You’ll stretch even more when you do this — and that’s good! It means you’re practicing the same stretching-contracting movement that my student Bryson DeChambeau uses to reach 215-mph ball speed. The club will shallow, getting you officially wide to narrow. Boom!

Chris Como is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and the director of instruction at Dallas National GC and host of “Swing Expedition” on GOLFPASS.

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