Tiger’s Favorite 5 Golf Tips

Tiger's Favorite 5 Golf Tips
Tiger's Favorite 5 Golf Tips

When Tiger speaks, I listen… especially when he’s giving out golf advice.
His book, “How I Play Golf” is a must-read as he goes through his entire approach to every shot in golf. And his Golf Digest teaching series should cost thousands of dollars for all the wisdom he drops.
Here are the five biggest tips from the GOAT to help your golf game.

5. Learn the Game Green to Tee

One of the reasons Tiger is so great is because of his amazing abilities around the greens. From his epic chip in at the 2005 Masters, the putt in the 2000 PGA Championship, or all the other incredible memories.

The reason he’s so good around the greens is because he learned golf from green back to the tee. So if you want to play your best golf, focus on the shots 20 yards and in – that’s what really matters.
Improving your chipping, pitching and putting is the easiest way to shave strokes off your game. Spend 60% of your practice time on or around the greens instead of pounding 7 irons on the driving range.

4. Make Your Pre-Shot Routine Automatic

Tiger’s pre-shot routine is a thing of beauty. It’s the exact same every single time and allows him to “get in the zone”… despite thousands of people watching him.

If you want to play better and shoot consistently lower scores, create and practice your own pre-shot routine. It should be so automatic that a friend could use a stopwatch and it would take nearly the same amount of time every swing.

3. How to Hit The Bomb

In his Golf Digest teaching series, Tiger breaks down his three go-to driver shots: his “slappy” cut, a draw, and the straight bomb.

The bomb is something we all need to have in our bag, so here’s how to do it:

  • Tee it up extra high to hit up on the shot.
  • Adjust the ball so that it’s more forward in your stance (off your left big toe).
  • Keep your weight back so that you hit up on the ball and increase launch angle for maximum carry.
  • Then, swing as hard as possible.

If it goes well, don’t forget the Tiger club twirl as well.

2. Eliminate Double Bogeys at All Costs

A double square around your score is a round killer for most golfers. A double bogey makes it really challenging to get back in the game.

Tiger has talked about the importance of getting out of trouble and playing for bogey at worst.
So instead of trying to make more birdies, try to avoid double bogeys at all costs instead. This will help any golfer shave strokes immediately and keep the momentum of a good round going.

1. Never Stop Grinding

Finally, you have to give credit for how much Tiger grinds. As he once said, “Days when you just don’t have it, you don’t pack it in. You give it everything you got, you grind it out.”

So remember, even if you can’t hit a fairway or green to save your life, don’t throw in the towel. Keep grinding and you never know what might happen on the back nine.
What’s the best tip you learned from the GOAT?
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Written by Michael Leonard