Top 10 Amateur Celebrity Golfers By Handicap

Top 10 Amateur Celebrity Golfers
Top 10 Amateur Celebrity Golfers

Whether you’re an actor, athlete, or celebrity, one thing a lot have in common is their love for golf. Some are okay while others are great players.

Here are 10 of your favorite celebrities based on their handicap.

1. Steph Curry (+2.2)

Steph Curry apparently knocks down putts like he does three pointers with a +2 handicap!


2. Tony Romo (+1.6)

Tony is also a plus handicap which is impressive for a guy who spent his entire life on the football field.
The CBS broadcaster is still a regular at the course and plays in big USGA qualifiers and competed in Korn Ferry Tour events too.

Could you imagine getting paired with him during an amateur event?
Talk about pressure!

3. Michael Jordan (1.3)

I would not want to play MJ on the course. He’s got nearly a billion dollars, loves gambling, and is nearly a scratch golfer.
Not to mention, he just opened up his own golf course too!


4. Justin Timberlake (4.3)

JT is a golf fanatic and carries a four handicap when he’s not acting or singing.


5. Larry Fitzgerald (3.1)

Larry Fitzgerald is not only a great NFL star, but a great golfer too. He carries a three handicap and wouldn’t be shocked if he’s a scratch player once he retires from football.

6. Patrick Peterson (4.0)


Pat P. is a stick!
I know because in 2019, I actually got paired with him in an amateur event in Arizona when he played for the Cardinals.
While neither of us had our A game’s that round, I was able to beat him by one stroke to save a little face.
During our round, told me that he learned a lot about golf from his Cardinals teammate, Larry Fitzgerald. He’s obsessed with the game and wants to play in the AT&T Championship one day.

7. Bill Murray (7.2)

Next up is Bill Murray, who is famous for his role in the golf classic, Caddyshack. Not to mention, he is a staple at the AT&T Pebble Beach event.
Even though he’s not the best golfer by any means, he’s wildly entertaining. You can’t help but love to watch him play and entertain the fans every single hole.


8. Tom Brady (8.1)

Tom Brady is a big fan of golf and carries an eight handicap. Which is pretty impressive, considering the fact he’s always training or playing football.
Even though his performance in the Match series didn’t go well, the goat of football has plenty of skills on the course too.

9. Wayne Gretzky (9.4)

Meanwhile, the goat of hockey can do more than just play on the ice.
Gretzky plays at about a nine handicap and has Dustin Johnson as his son-in-law. Must be nice if you need some golf advice to call up DJ or ask him on a family vacation.


10. Mark Wahlberg (13.9)

I doubt Wahlberg is more than a 10 handicap because the guy is wildly competitive. Not to mention, he does have one of the best backyard practice facilities in the world.
Based on his movies, I’m sure his trash talk is pretty intimidating as well.

Who’s your favorite celebrity golfer?
Let us know in the comments below.
Written by Michael Leonard