Top 10 Most Epic Hole-in-Ones

Top 10 Most Epic Hole-in-Ones
Top 10 Most Epic Hole-in-Ones

The hole in one is the most magical shot that can happen in golf. While skill is required, it’s also part luck from the way the ball bounces off the pin or rolls into the cup.
But when they happen, they are something special. Whether you’re watching on TV or happen to see one in person, they stick with you for a long time.
Here are the top 10 holes in golf.

1. Tiger Woods

Tiger has given some memorable shots over the years. From deep drives, soaring iron shots, amazing chips and plenty of putts that us mere mortals could only dream about.
But don’t forget about his epic hole in one in 1997, at the now famous Waste Management event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before the stadium structure existed with 50,000+ screaming fans, Tiger made some magic and even raised the roof with his celebration.


2. Sergio Garcia

While Sergio is easy to hate, you can’t hate his ace at the 2017 Player’s Championship. He hit a beauty on the island green, two hopped forward, and spun back for an epic ace.


3. David Toms

Making a hole in one with any club is impressive, but with a 5 wood, I think you should get a bonus point. David Toms did just that on the 15th hole in the 2001 PGA Championship. It helped give me the momentum to power through as the victor for 72 holes and give him his only major title of his career.


4. Phil Mickelson

At the 2008 Scottish Open, Phil was struggling to make the cut before walking on to the par three, 5th hole. Then, he pulled off some of his patented Phil magic to make the ace and go on to make the weekend!


5. Jack Nicklaus Grandson

Being the grandson of the greatest player of all time is no easy feat. But in the par 3 challenge at Augusta, Jack’s grandson stepped up in his caddy attire and made it look easy. Getting to celebrate with your grandpa and other PGA players at Augusta is a once in a lifetime experience.


6. Gary Player

Gary Player isn’t slowing down and seems to drink from the fountain of youth. His commitment to exercise and diet means his golf game is still dialed in after all these years.
In 2016, also during the par 3 course at Augusta, he made an ace and is now the oldest player to record a hole-in-one in Masters history.


7. Dustin Johnson

During the 2015 WGC event, Dustin Johnson made an ace from 207 yards, with a 7 iron. Did we mention that it was all over water, too?
For us hack golfers, the only way we’re getting a 7 iron that far is with a one groove thin shot! But DJ used that amazing shot to help him fuel a WGC victory six years ago.


8. Steve Stricker

The Memorial Tournament is one of the most popular tournaments on the PGA Tour, as it’s Jack’s event. Steve Stricker made it even more special when he made an ace at the challenging course and used the momentum to get the trophy too in 2019.


9. Francesco Molinari

The Open Champion, Francesco Molinari, has made some unbelievable aces. But the one in 2019 at the Arnold Palmer Invitation was even better as he went on to win the event!

10. Rickie Fowler

At the Quicken National Bank event, Rickie Fowler made an ace from. It hit off the fringe and tracked the bottom of the cup the entire time!
But the best part is that making the ace had the sponsor pay off a fan’s mortgage. Imagine how cool that would be for the lucky fan who is living debt free!

Have you made a hole in one yet? Let us know in the comments!
Written by Michael Leonard