Top 100 Teacher: If you struggle around the greens, try my ‘Chip-Putt’ shot

Lou Guzzi
Lou Guzzi

We’ve all had that situation where we just hit our ball over the green and face a fast, delicate downhill chip.

Such a touchy shot this can become a real knee knocker. It’s not always the case but most greens are built where the back of the green is higher than the front of the green. This design is ideal for accepting a properly hit golf shot. On greens like this, it’s often better to miss short, rather than go long and have a downhill chip coming back.

Now, that’s great planning but we all know that plans change, and those fast downhill chips are going to be there for us to deal with.

As for how to deal with chips like this?

I could use my chipping technique, but it’s real fast and I don’t want to put any unneeded power into the shot. Instead, I’m going to what is called a “Chip Putt” with my 60 degree wedge.