Top 5 Golf Movies of All Time

Top 5 Golf Movies of All Time
Top 5 Golf Movies of All Time

Not a lot of movies have been made about the best sport ever. However, there are a few that are instant classics whether you are a golf fan or not. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you haven’t seen them. Time to refresh your memory with our top 5 golf movies of all time…

5) Legend of Bagger Vance

Set in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s in the south (Savannah Georgia) this movie is one that when I see it on, I watch it…period. The story is about an lifetime golfer who has another heart attack while playing golf. Once he goes down to the turf, clutching his chest, the movie slides back in time to the Great Depression era. A young boy who wants his local hero to play in golf match against Bobby Jones & Walter Hagen. Good Luck right. Well, that is where it gets interesting. Enter Bagger Vance (Played by Will Smith). He is a mystical, almost angelic presence that drifts in out of the black night and helps Local hero Randolph Junah (Played by Matt Damon) find his swing. Shoot, I have lost my swing more times than I can count and never, not even once, has someone showed up out of the blue and fixed it. This movie is a great watch for any golfer and is very family friendly.

4) The Greatest Game Ever Played

A True story about Francis Ouimet. Set in 1913 Brookline Country Club. Alright, serious shit here… I love a good underdog story. How many U.S. Open champions have a movie made about them. Like a real Hollywood movie. Answer maybe 2? Bobby Jones & Francis Ouimet. “The Greatest Game Ever Played” is a story about an improbable local boy amateur who enters the biggest tournament of his life at his home course with an 11-year-old caddy. That’s a fact – look it up. Francis Ouimet (Played by Shia Lebouf) looks every bit the part and is convincing in the role. Worth a watch 100%.

3) Happy Gilmore

What is there to say. If you have not seen this movie, you have probably been under a rock since it came out in 1996. This is an all-time classic movie. That it’s about golf is just a bonus! Who doesn’t love a movie about a washed-up hockey player who realizes he can smoke a drive 400+ yards with a swing like a running bull? Here’s the recipe: First add in a little Shooter McGavin (Played by Christopher McDonald), the prototypical PGA stereotype who everyone loves to hate. Then pepper in a pinch of Gilmores (Played by Adam Sandler) golf instructor Chubbs who has one hand due to an unfortunate alligator incident in the bayou. Finish it off with a cup of the rascally nursing home caregiver (Played by Ben Stiller) and what do you have? A gumbo with an all-star cast cooked up in a crock pot of funny. Boasting classic one liners like “It’s All in the Hips” & “Just Tap it In” this movie will have you laughing out loud. If not, check your pulse. You may need medical attention!

2) Tin Cup

A true story based loosely on the life of PGA pro and famous golf announcer Gary Mccord. Roy “Tin-Cup” McAvoy (Played by Kevin Costner) is a hot headed, local range pro who has more balls than brains. It’s a story as old as time. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy becomes better because of girl, and the rest is history. Well, that is what most might think. However, that is precisely where this movie throws you a curveball. With the U.S. Open coming up here in a few weeks, this is one to dust off the shelves and re-watch . So trust our boy Romeo (Played by Cheech Marin) and do exactly as we tell you: move all the change to your left pocket. Go on DO IT! Then tie your left shoe in a double knot. Finally turn your hat around backwards, stick a tee behind your left ear, grab a beer and turn on Netflix. You’re welcome, I will show myself out.

1) Caddyshack

Possibly one if not the funniest movies of all time. Golf related or not. The amount of one liners that us golfers all say on and off the course that came from this movie is almost impossible to count. Slap stick humor, an all star cast and a fun play on the absolute madness of country club living makes this movie a cult classic and a legend in its own right! Not to mention it has arguably one of the best golf songs of ALL TIME! Bottom Line: It is basically Animal House on the golf course. The most recognizable golf movie on the planet…Shoot. I’m sorry, I gotta run. I am going to go watch it again right now. And so should you. “So I got that going for me me…which is nice”
Thank you very little,
Bogey Jones OUT