Top 5 Golfers We’d Love to Drink With

Top 5 Golfers We'd Love to Drink With
Top 5 Golfers We'd Love to Drink With

Drinking and golf go together, like Tiger Woods and winning events in 2000.
I’m convinced that if you want to get to know someone, just play 18 holes with them while drinking. It should tell you everything you need to know about them by the time you finish up on 18 green.
Here are five golfers that we would love to knock some cocktails back with on the golf course.

Michael Jordan

Michael is a GOAT, both on and off the court. While his basketball days are long behind him, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still wildly competitive. Especially with golf.
Drinking and golfing with him would be so epic because we could hear the legendary trash talk. Not to mention, Michael does not mess around when it comes to gambling. I couldn’t imagine having to make a clutch putt with his trash talk and tons of money on the line.


John Daly

Big John has been through a lot, including four ex-wives, but we’re not here to judge. Drinking with this guy would be hard on your liver, as he has the tolerance of a small army. But I’m sure it’d be worth the sacrifice.
The best part of getting to slam some beers with JD would be for him to his legendary shot. The one where he ropes a drive as you hold the tee between your teeth.
That takes some serious courage, but if you’re going to let anyone do it, JD is probably the guy for the job.


Tiger Woods

It would be fun to drink with the GOAT of golf to finally learn what happened on Thanksgiving, 2009. Maybe a few cocktails would loosen him up and share some of his many transgressions. Not to mention, just hearing him talk about winning 80+ PGA Tour titles would be life changing.

Dustin Johnson

DJ is not afraid to have a good time, just look at his suspension in 2014 (whoops). Drinking with him would be great as you could learn more about his nonchalant approach to golf and how he stays so calm in pressure packed moments. Plus, his wife Paulina is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, so I’m sure you could get some epic hockey stories too.


Pat Perez

You have to love Pat, he’s a no BS guy who loves golf and having a few cold ones. It would be great to have him share some unfiltered stories of what life is really like on the PGA Tour.
Who would be your favorite golfer to drink with on the course?
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Written by Michael Leonard