Valentine’s Day – 5 Ways to Make it a Golf Holiday

Valentine Day - 5 Ways to Make it a Golf Holiday
Valentine Day - 5 Ways to Make it a Golf Holiday

Valentine’s Day is all about women – let’s get real it’s not really about love and definitely not about men. Some ladies even celebrate Galentine’s day and then V-Day with their guy because one day just isn’t enough!

Yet, no guy gets excited to spend hundreds of dollars on dinner surrounded by a bunch of love birds. We also have to buy roses that are twice the price of normal and buy an $8 card to avoid the dog house. All in the name of love… Thanks a lot, Hallmark.

As a golfer, I always think about how those funds should be allocated instead.

Those hundreds of dollars could go to playing golf at a nice course this weekend. Those roses that are marked up to 25 dollars are a few sleeves of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. And that $8 card is almost enough for a fresh new golf glove.

Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is killing men’s golf games. But what if Cupid’s day could be all about golf?

Here’s the perfect way to celebrate this holiday as a true golfer.

5. Rewatch the WM Highlights


The last few days of golf have been absolute madness. It’s been so fun to watch hundreds of thousands of fans get hammered and cheer on players at TPC Scottsdale.

The tournament is one of the best and most entertaining in golf and gives the sport a much-needed jolt of life. So if you love golf, treat yourself to some highlights on YouTube or the Golf Channel to start your day.

Because, let’s get real… no one is working too hard the day after the Super Bowl anyway. If you feel inclined to hit the driving range at lunch, I’m not here to judge either.

4. Eat Dinner at A Golf Course

Most restaurants are packed on major holidays like Valentine’s Day. The meal is usually a prix fixe menu, the service is okay (at best), and the food isn’t anything special.

So instead of going super fancy, white tablecloth, find a nice (key word here being nice) golf course and eat at their restaurant instead. Don’t go to some cheap course with a snack shack, splurge for a quality golf course or you’ll be in the dog house forever.

To show your love to the Golf Gods, get there early to roll some putts or maybe bang a few balls on the driving range. Also, ask if you can sit outside so you can see the golf course too. That way if you want to zone out mid-conversation you can think about all the shots you’ve hit in previous rounds.

3. Wear Tiger’s Sunday Outfit


Red is obviously the color of this Hallmark holiday but when I see red, I just think of Tiger dominating golf.

His signature black pants and red shirt are the epitome of greatness. When he showed up to the course in that outfit, fellow players knew they were just competing for second place.

So, if you’re getting dragged out to dinner, dress up in Tiger signature’s outfit tonight. You’re bound to get some nods from fellow golfers at dinner. A subtle sign of respect for having the courage to do it.

If you’re feeling real bold, rock the mock collar shirt instead of a traditional polo. If you really want to show off, rock a green sport coat like you just won the Masters too.

2. Eat and Drink Like a Golfer

During your meal, keep the golf theme going since you’re more in love with golf more than any relationship. Here’s how to do it…

– Drink an Arnold Palmer or John Daly.

– Order the gourmet burger because not much food is more iconic than a burger at the turn. Hot dogs probably aren’t the best for tonight’s meal.

1. Watch Tin Cup

After dinner, make sure to end the evening with a movie. But not some sappy romantic comedy that puts guys to sleep.

Instead, throw on Tin Cup, which is a part love story but mostly about golf. So you get to watch Kevin Costner hit some great shots and check the boxes of a romantic movie.

Talk about a win-win scenario!

Ladies, if you want to keep your man around for the holiday next year, try to do some of these things. Men, make sure to send this to your significant other, so your other half can bookmark it for the future.

What else would you add to make V-Day more of a golf day?

Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Michael Leonard