What is the Worst S-word?

Worst S-word
Worst S-word

What is the worst S-word you ask? It is so bad most men and many women will never say it. You are probably thinking to yourself that it is “SHIT.” Well that is a great S-word. Probably the most used. It is also the most confusing S-word.

Shit can mean bad, as in “shit that hurt!” Or it can mean good, as in “you are the shit.” Shit can mean it tastes bad, “that tastes like shit.” Or it mean it tastes good, “that is good tasting shit.” Shit basically can mean anything you want. But every man, woman, and many children use it every day, so that is not the worst S-word.

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How about “SEX”? Nope, another great S-word. Probably people’s favorite S-word. We all want sex, and would be happy to use it most of the time.

When my kids were young they always thought “STUPID” was the S-word. Funny, a little cute, but that is definitely not it.

“SLUT” – Men, do not ever be stupid enough to use that word with your woman. It is guaranteed to cause some serious shit! But still not the worst S-word.

If you have a history of using bad language I am sure you can think of a few more – schlong, skank, shag (ok, you probably have to be British to know that one), and shart (you will have to look that one up yourself).

The One That Tops Them All

Every golfer knows the worst S-word. It is so bad, you are not allowed to say it, ever! If you do, you will get them. Even mentioning the word one time will cause you to do it. It is so bad, you can’t even hint about it. What is the word?

I am scared to even write it, for it might cause me to do it. Shoot, even you reading the word, might infect you also! I am going to say it one time, very quickly, and quietly so everyone knows. But do not ever repeat this stupid shitty word again. Don’t even think about it.

Are you ready? SHANK. Ouch that hurt. I am screwed now. (hey, another good S-word!) I think that is the first time in my life I have ever said that word. And it will be my last.

You know in Harry Potter books, they cannot say Voldemort? He is referred to as You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. From now on we will refer to that word I just wrote as the S-word. Okay? Understood?

So first of all, I have know idea how the hell to S-word your golf ball. It is the weirdest thing. S-wording just happens. It is the worst feeling and 99% of the time you S-word your ball it is followed by the most popular S-word – shit!

Then the problem is that it is very hard to get rid of the S-words. Golfers tend to S-word the ball multiple times in a row.

Breaking Down The S-Word

So for non-golfers, let me explain that the S-word is. It is when a golfer hits the ball and it goes directly to the right. Not slicing to the right. Directly, 90 degrees to the right. It is virtually impossible to S-word the ball on purpose. Actually, I do not know any golfer stupid enough to mess with the golf gods and try to S-word it on purpose.

Officially, S-wording happens when the ball hits the rounded hosel of the clubhead, nearly missing the clubface completely. This is where the shaft is connected to the golf clubhead. Once it connects with the rounded hosel and not the clubface, the golf ball shoots to the right and goes a fraction of the distance it is supposed to go.

Beware The Power Of The S-Word

Ok, you non-golfers are probably rolling your eyes and are saying I do not believe this shit (you like how I keep doing that – slipping in the other S-words?) Just try saying the word S-word one time to a golfer you know. I guarantee they will say “shit, do not ever say that stupid word again!”

You think it is funny? You think only shitty golfers do it. Nope. Checkout these PGA pros S-wording their golf balls.

Of course if you are sadistic (yep, another S-word), here is a video that will teach you how to S-word the ball. For golfers, I seriously recommend that you DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. If you do, the S-words will be your fault and not this blog.

Good luck on the course and remember that this stupid sadistic shitty S-word should never be used. From now on refer to it as “S-word” and if you don’t you will be screwed.