7 Funny Moments in Golf History

7 Funny Moments in Golf History
7 Funny Moments in Golf History

Golf is a sport that makes for great entertainment.
Whether it’s TV, movies, stand-up, or professional golf, there are hundreds of hilarious moments. Here are seven of our favorites that every golfer will appreciate.


7. Will Ferrell Pretending to Be Tiger Woods

In 2008, Tiger did the impossible yet again.
He won the US Open at Torrey Pines with basically a broken leg. And it took 91 holes before he finally claimed the victory.
Needless to say, this amazing performance earned him an ESPY for “Best Male Athlete.” He wasn’t able to show up to the ceremony, so Will Ferrell hilariously accepted the award for him.
In his acceptance speech, he said, “Clearly I am the best golfer alive today” and other hilarious lines. I’m sure Tiger was laughing at home with the trophy close by.


6. JD’s British Open Streaker

After John Daly won the 1995 Open at St. Andrews, it wasn’t the normal scene on the 18th green. Instead, a “serial streaker” ran nude through the celebration with the words “19th hole” and arrow pointing down.

The picture is absolutely hilarious and seems fitting that it happened to John Daly.


5. Tom Brady on Entourage

Another hilarious moment in golf history is Tom Brady appearing on the HBO hit show, Entourage. One of the characters hits a bad drive and Tom offers his driver for a mulligan.
Unfortunately, the same bad shot ensues.
But what makes it so funny is that he slams the club in the ground, steps on the shaft, and destroys Tom Brady’s driver. All Mark Wahlberg, Tom, and the rest of the cast can do is laugh.


4. Couple Golf in “I Love You Man”

If you haven’t seen “I Love You Man” yet, watch this movie asap. As you can see in the clip below, it’s every guy’s nightmare… golfing with another couple.

As he says, “This is my nightmare”, which I’m sure so many guys still quote to this day.

3. John Daly’s Shirtless Interview

Yes, JD made it twice because he’s so iconic and funny. This interview of him talking and golfing shirtless provides some hilarious memories.

The best quote from John?

“Don’t underestimate the fat man.”

2. Bill Murray in Caddyshack

The “Cinderella moment” clip is one of the greatest scenes of all time. If you haven’t seen it, are you even a golfer?

His announcer voice and hilarious narration makes for one of the greatest clips of all time.

1. Robin Williams Explaining Golf

The best and all time the funniest moment in golf history is Robin Williams describing what golf is and how it was invented.
The scene is hilarious because obviously, it’s Robin. But what makes it the funniest moment ever is that it’s true!
For 18 holes we “hack” away, trying to find a flat piece of grass with a gopher hole hundreds of yards away. All while trying to contain our emotions and hope that we don’t have a stroke.
RIP to the greatest to ever describe the game we all love so much.

What’s your favorite moment?
Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Michael Leonard