Mark Wahlberg Invests in Tequila Company Co-Founded by Abraham Ancer

Mark Wahlberg Invests in Tequila Company
Mark Wahlberg Invests in Tequila Company

With the booming alcohol sector, there appears to be no turning back as the rest of the globe rushes in to invest in the crowded and competitive market. Mark Wahlberg is the latest celebrity to join the growing list of celebrities who have invested in the sector, with a focus on tequila. In their brand ‘Flecha Azul,’ the actor teamed up with Mexican golfer Abraham Ancer and Mexican entrepreneur Aron Marquez.
In 2016, Ancer and Marquez decided to combine their passion for tequila to develop a premium product with a deep heritage flavor. Marquez revealed the origins of their strategy in an interview with Forbes. “, he explained. “We had already known each other for years and bonded over our shared history, deep appreciation for Mexican culture and love of tequila.”

“Eventually we felt like we had to create our own to do it best. Creating Flecha Azul ultimately became a representation of our friendship.” Since then, the pair have come a long way. Only in 2020, a couple of years after its inception did the brand find its way to America. And recently, the two had the latest addition to their team, none other than Mark!

Mark Wahlberg shares his vision for Flecha Azul

In an interview with CNN Business, the 50-year-old detailed his initial views. “It’s strange because when it was initially brought up to me, I responded ‘absolutely not,'” he stated. There are a slew of other persons claiming to have traveled to Mexico and produced tequila and grown agave, among other things. They were saying things like, ‘This is not what that is, we have two amazing guys who are really young and like-minded.’ … I just said I would love to invest in them.”

And soon, he became the principal investor for the brand that has its distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. With expertise in five types of Tequila as of now- Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Cristalino, and Extra Añejo- it’s currently only sold in a couple of American states, with plans of a nationwide launch later in the year.


Vying for ultimate success, he addressed the ever-growing and cutthroat liquor market and said, “We’re coming for everybody’s spot… We plan on being the best because we have the best product out there. It’s the best value proposition for the customer!”
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