Why Golf is the Best Sport Ever

Why Golf is the Greatest Game Ever
Why Golf is the Greatest Game Ever

I’m going to make a bold statement – golf is the greatest sport out there.
Do I love watching football, basketball, and baseball? Sure, but I can’t watch these sports and then go out and compete at a high level like you can with golf.
With golf, you can watch the best players in the world on TV and go out there today to act just like them. Here are seven reasons why golf is the best sport ever.

7. You Can Drink and Golf

What other sport is drinking and playing allowed (let alone encouraged)? The answer of course is none…
Not to mention, you get a motorized golf cart and a few drinks can actually help you relax and play better.


6. Age is Literally Just a Number

Have you ever tried playing football at 60 years old? My guess is no and chances are, your body would instantly say no too, regardless of how much you love the sport.
But with golf, you can play the great game whether you’re six or 60 years old. Age is literally just a number and in a lot of cases, we don’t play our best golf until later in life.
Meanwhile, most football players don’t get to enjoy the game past 30 years old. While a lot of golfers don’t even take the game up until they’re in the 40s or later.

5. No Two Courses Are the Same

Variety is another reason that golf is the best sport ever.
Here’s the thing, basketball players know that every time they lace up to compete, the court is 91.86ft long and 49.21ft wide. In high school, college, and the pros, the court does not change. Not to mention, weather isn’t even an issue like it is with football.
But with golf, no two courses are the same, which means you will never get bored. Some courses are wicked long, others have super thick rough, and others have fast greens.
Plus, with golf, you get the added challenge of weather as well. Nothing like trying to play well in chilly 40 degrees or sweltering heat or humidity. But we love the challenge.
The point being, the courses you can play make golf one of the reasons why it’s the best sport out there. No two days are the same and no two courses are the same, which means you will always have a great challenge at any track.

4. Can Make it Competitive With Anyone

If you’re experienced at any sport, it’s usually not much fun to compete with someone who is just starting out. It’s hard to make it a fair fight and usually feels more like babysitting than playing.
But with golf, you can play with anyone regardless of age or skill and still make it a game. Thanks to different tees and a formal handicap system, you can get competitive and bet with scratch players or 30 handicaps.


3. Cart Girls

No other sport offers the convenience and awesome experience of cart girls. If you’re in a recreational football league with your buddies, there is no hot cart girl coming to help out after a bad game.

But with golf, you can always count on someone encouraging you to drink and have more fun. And if for some reason she isn’t out on the course, at least there is always someone waiting for you at the 19th hole too.

2. Meet Amazing People

Successful people love golf, even if they suck at it. But that means us mere mortals have a chance to meet celebrities, athletes, and successful CEOs anytime we tee it up.
Playing golf has allowed me and so many others to meet people we just normally wouldn’t. Not to mention, I once landed a 6-figure job by chance thanks to another single I got paired up with.
You just never know who you will meet on the golf course.

1. Golf Can’t Be Conquered

The final reason golf is the greatest sport ever is that it’s the hardest sport out there – period. Golf requires so many shots, different weather/playing conditions, and most importantly, more mental fortitude than any other sport.
As I’m sure you know, one day you can’t miss a shot and the next day you want to throw your entire set of clubs in a lake. It’s just how it goes, whether you’re a pro or an amateur. The unpredictability makes it a sport unlike any other.

History has shown us that it’s the one sport you can’t conquer golf for very long. While Tiger Woods did it in 2000-2001, I doubt we’ll ever see dominance like that happen again. Setbacks and challenges are inevitable.
But the endless challenge is why we love it so much.
Why do you think golf is the best sport ever?
Let us know in the comments!
Written by Michael Leonard